(Of A Job Interview)

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Why So Nervous?

Written above was the scenario I faced leading up to a recent job interview. The company conducting the interview are based in a separate part of New Zealand from which I reside which was the reason behind a phone interview rather than a face to face.

Taught at An Early Age

Cast your mind back to childhood, specifically your school days. Do you recall the teacher saying this?

‘I never lose. I either win or learn’ — Nelson Mandela


Another pre-interview ritual, which has little to no benefit at all is overthinking the situation.

Final Thought

Personally, when it comes to performing in the interview I’m confident and sure of my abilities. The nerves disappear and I jump straight into game mode, answering all questions directed at me with assertiveness. Which is a far cry from what is happening in the build up.

· You are also interviewing the company, they also have to meet your high standards and requirements, it is a two-way process.

· Interviews are being held for a reason, the company is in need, your job is to explain to them how you can help and do not feel as if they are the ones doing you a favour, again, it is a two-way process.

I hope these few simple tips help you in your next interview situation.

A writer and dad. From Northern Ireland, based in Australia. Trying to make sense of the world through writing.