If Money Wasn’t an Issue, How Would You Live Your Life?

What does your dream life look like?

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If money wasn’t an issue — I.e. all bills were paid for, a roof over your head, always food on the table and you never had to work again — how would you live your life?

For me, I imagine my life would still be pretty similar to how things are now, with a few exceptions of course.

I’d still drop off and pick the kids up from daycare/school every day as per usual. Still, do chores around the house. Cook meals for me and the family. All the normal day to day activities.

I’m not a flash type of guy so I wouldn’t spend crazy amounts of money on sports cars, oversized mansions, fancy clothes etc. Sure I would have nice things but nothing over the top like you see some of the rich and famous do — check out this lot.

No, instead I see my life as being a lot simpler than that. With the majority of my time being split between writing, exercising and exploring the world by way of adventure races — starting off with a few of these epic adventures.

In preparation for said races, I’d maybe treat myself and join a high profile gym — as I’d have a few dollars in the bank n all that — not because they are better but just because it is nice to work out in a place with top of the range equipment and facilities.

As most of these races take place away from civilization, in the wild of Mother Nature, I would be visiting some of the most tranquil locations in the world.

I’d use this opportunity to have some alone time and do some writing surrounded by the sights and sounds of all this world has to offer — before or after the race of course.

I’d be keen to explore how these different environments affect my writing. Would there be a greater meaning to my work? A deeper sense of emotion and feeling?

Apart from that, I’m pretty content with life — though I’m sure a few more ideas may pop-up in my mind the more I think about it, so there may be a part two for this piece.

As you can see my ideas of a ‘dream’ life aren’t over the top or too far-fetched which leaves me feeling optimistic that one day I will achieve these goals.

How about you? If money wasn’t an issue, how would you live your life?

As mentioned, I’m not a flash person and some might say that if money wasn’t an issue that maybe I should be dreaming bigger and be more extravagant. But, to me, it’s the simple things in life that make us happiest.

Now, that may not be the case for you.

Perhaps you dream of the high roller lifestyle. Knocking elbows with the rich and famous.

So why not write your own piece and share how you would live your life if money was no object?

Be sure to tag me and all your other favourite Medium members in it.

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